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Mile Strong Kids at Fisher Elementary

Mile Strong Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization actively seeking recruits to stand up against obesity and its life-threatening band of diseases–diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and other illnesses that keep joining the forces against human wellness. It is our mission to save as many lives as possible by recruiting members to join our Mile Strong Kids Superhero Organization, an elite group of kids, parents, and allies trained and prepared to fight against the destructive forces of obesity.


How do I Become a Mile Strong Kid?

pic 29There are three ways of joining the Mile Strong Kids Superhero Organization.


One way is by attending our Mile Strong Kids meet-ups held on certain Saturdays throughout the year. The meet-ups start at 8 AM and end around 9 AM.

If you want to attend a meet-up, your parent will first have to sign you up at the registration table between 7:30 am and 8:00 am. After that, you will then be allowed to take on the mission of completing an approximately 1-mile long course–sometimes with several “challenges” along the way.  Once you’ve completed the course at least one time, you will officially become a Mile Strong Kid earning a necklace and a token as an award for your accomplishment. Your superhero abilities will be celebrated by having your name added to our Superheroes Wall with the number of miles you have earned in the weeks you attend the Mile Strong Kids meet-ups.


And there’s more you can accomplish at our meet-ups. If you are able reach 10-miles, you will also earn your place on the Wall of Fame, making you an official Mile Strong Kid Hall-of-Famer! As an award, you will receive a 10-mile pendant to add to your necklace, alongside the collection of tokens you have already received….You will even be able to earn 20-, 30-, and 40-mile pendants!


How else can I become a Mile Strong Kid?

pic 7Another way you can become a Mile Strong Kid is possible only if your school, or other organization you belong to, requests that we set-up a running or obstacle event at their location. If so, Mile Strong Kids may come out and set up a challenge,  approximately a mile-long, to offer kids like you the opportunity to become Mile Strong Kids.


If you are successful in completing our challenge at your school or organization’s location, your name will be added to our Superheroes Wall recognizing you as an official Mile Strong Kid! 


If your school or organization wants Mile Strong Kids to set up an event,  you will be able to join the Wall-of-Fame if you are one of the first three boys or girls in your grade level to finish the challenge.


There is also the possibility of earning prizes, medals, and awards for your accomplishments at these events!



What if I can’t attend the Mile Strong Kids Meet-ups or challenges? Is there another way I can become a Mile Strong Kid?

pic 18You can also become a Mile Strong Kid and member of the Wall of Fame by completing our Mile Strong Kids Training Log. Once you have walked or run 300 minutes, you may mail or e-mail your log(s) to us. We will then place your name on our Superheroes Wall and Wall of Fame!


Mail log(s) to

Mile Strong Kids

Attn: Training Logs

10650 Culebra Rd. Suite 104-287

San Antonio, TX 78251-4949


E-mail log(s) to




Go For It!

pic 6cWhatever course you take to challenge obesity–attending our Mile Strong Kids Running Club Meet-ups, finishing an obstacle challenge at your school or organization you’re a part of, or by completing our Mile Strong Kids Training Log–you will have various challenges waiting to foil your mission of becoming a superhero. But don’t let those obstacles deter you, because we know you have what it takes to be a Mile Strong Kid.


Now explore this website, ask one of your parents to download your Mile Strong Kids Training Log, and begin your journey toward discovering your superpowers.


Good luck, future Mile Strong Kid!



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